Linda & Werner

  THE STORY I don’t really know where to begin on this wedding. I can only start at– This is the wedding that made me realize why I decide to start I DO…. Why I have so much passion for what I DO & I simply love planning weddings & meeting amazing couple’s like Linda & werner….

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Megan & Shaun

THE STORY Once in a blue moon you get an enquiry from a mom, she is need for a wedding planner for her daughter’s wedding that lives in Australia. I met with Jennifer( the mom) and wow such a wonderful woman, she felt like my mom, warm kind and just wants the best for her

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Sara & Neill

THE STORY What an amazing couple!!! Sara is not only the most beautiful person outside but what a soft and gentle soul. Small world- they booked me and in our 1st Skype call, I recognized Neil- we studied together!! If  all couples was just like this…. what a total joy it was to plan their

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