Marzanne & Piet

THE STORY I truly Love my job!!!! I know it sounds very cliché but I DO.. And I meet the most amazing couples and Piet & Marzanne is one of those couples!! Piet adores Marzanne and I do think he will anything for her( wait I know this for a fact!!) & Marzanne is just

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Lotte & Marcelle

THE STORY There are just some people you just click with immediately and that was the case with me and Lotte, we just clicked from day one!! They are the nicest and sweetest couple!! On their wedding they got me a present to say thank you and for my little girl a beautiful outfit all

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Barnie & Janke

THE STORY What can I say about this awesome couple!! Barnie & my husband played rugby together at Hamiltons and were just the best of friends from day 1—he introduced us to Janke and we just all fell in love with her!! They are the best of people and they are soooo good together…. A

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