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There is just one word that comes to mind when I think of Haseena & Richard’s wedding– FAIRY TALE. I’m a very big fan of a white, classical  & timeless wedding. Haseena was the most hands on Bride that I have worked with & she became a dear friend, I believe certain people cross our paths and I’m grateful they both crossed mine, its a wedding I will always remember and it was an honor to be apart of the planning process


What could go wrong when planning the largest, most emotional party of your lives? No pressure, right?! Thankfully, we had IDO4U to take us through it all!Izandi from IDO4U was the first and only wedding planner we touched base with. Undeniably, this was the best wedding decision we made! We shopped around and switched back and forth between wedding venues and suppliers, but as time went on, we recognized that IDO4U was the best decision we had invested in.

Planning a wedding is never easy. Planning a wedding from overseas is even more difficult – we had to let go of the reigns and trust someone we’d never met in person to understand and execute our desired concept, whilst meticulously working within our budget, AND balancing our best interests at heart. Needless to say, Izandi did all of this and more – she was and is our support system that got us through it all, being the voice of reason by encouraging us when things were right and saying “no” when things were not within our best interests. She kept everything and us together, especially when there were dreaded surprises.

Izandi and IDO4U captured and really lived what we believed to be the most important aspects of a wedding – understanding and developing a theme, working to a budget and always, literally ALWAYS, having a plan for everything that came (good and bad).
We started with a Skype chat and lots of pictures of what we wanted. We thought the vast array of images we shared matched each other in style, but they weren’t exactly the right elements for the wedding we were imagining. Izandi took all of our thoughts and aesthetic elements, together with our budget, and came back with the most amazing mood board that encapsulated everything we wanted and so much more. She provided us with vendor and visual options for everything from decor to catering, to help us pick who we felt most comfortable with. Queue the mockup, and despite being thousands of miles away, she made sure we were still part of the entire process.

To do all of this within our budget is exceptional in itself. Izandi understood the constraints. From the images we shared to our chats, she could already tell which elements were the most important for us, and so she allocated the budget sheet accordingly.
On our wedding day, Izandi reorganised the timing schedule that she meticulously prepared with all our vendors. We had the most beautiful weather but there was a risk of guests overheating on the ceremony lawn and Haseena’s makeup melting (but most of the delay was because Haseena took her time to get ready). Izandi did not frown or get angry. Instead, she made every single last minute arrangement from sorting out a steamer and a high-end snack lunch to organising a mobile nail salon, all at a moment’s notice. There was no stress nor pressure – Izandi literally took care of every detail and for this, our day was phenomenal beyond any standards we could have set. Izandi even went to the extent of assisting and comforting guests who had an ill child at the rehearsal dinner. Definitely not part of the job description but it tells you a lot about her kindness, thoughtfulness, selflessness and how her HEART went into every aspect of taking care of absolutely everything.

Along the way, we had a few hiccoughs – changes in plans and arrangements at the venue. But Izandi always had a plan and knew exactly what to do. Rain or shine, she knew how to make every aspect as wonderful as was ever imagined and never compromised on the look, feel or standard.
Early on in the planning process, we had pre-selected and committed to a vendor. In retrospect, we do believe we should have taken Izandi’s advice and reviewed a selection of “Izandi approved” options. We aren’t disappointed but Izandi certainly knew and understood our style, and matched vendors and suppliers to us that we gelled with in both wedding vision and personality. I cannot stress how talented she is to be able to do this (Izandi really does know best), and we don’t believe anyone else can give more of themselves than she does in such an intense and personal process.
But the best part of the entire experience was getting to meet and work such wonderful women at IDO4U – Izandi and Anja. We look back on the experience with fond memories, no stress or heart ache and only bliss, savouring our memories and having made lifelong friendships. We’ll forever be grateful for the time, effort and huge heart dedicated to making our dream wedding supersede all of our expectations. Thank you Izandi, we don’t know how we could have ever have got through this without you, and in such style too xxx


Venue + accomodation : Molenvliet 
Catering: Two chefs 
Flowers  : Paramithi Flowers
Decor +Light : N concepts & Design
décor: In And out
Photographers :Zara Zoo Photography 
Wedding cake + Dessert table   : Cakes by Wade 
Staffing: ASAP


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