Marianne & Elandre


Some people come into your life’s & they will take a piece of your heart. Marianne is simply one of the most beautiful people inside & out. I felt like her older sister from the beginning, she mentioned in her testimonial a “2nd mom” to her but I really don’t feel that old [ LOL ]. Elandre your attitude towards life & your love towards your wife is inspiring. I will forever be grateful that I got to share in your magical wedding day


Okay let’s be honest…

Planning a wedding is extremely fun, for most brides, not living on the moon. But then, until one day your coordinator leaves you or you realize “What do I do now? Because I don’t have one. “ Well dearest bride and groom this question pops up somewhere in the wedding planning. Well… is sure as hell happened to us. You start panicking and start Google (not n bad platform), but just listen to my advice.

The day that question was risen from the dark,  my throught stared to feel a bit weird. My best and only solution was to ask our venue for n few suggestions and hopefully there would be someone worth trying.

With all honestly, IDO4U, was our best decision. Izandi was my brain from a few days before the wedding and on the wedding day (I actually think after the wedding she still handled a part of my brain. She provided myself, together with the entire wedding party, a schedule- with the layout of how the day would go (and yes it went exactly as planned). She was like my 2nd mother- ensuring me everything is 100, I should just relax and enjoy the journey.  Your wedding day gets so busy, and I am blessed to say that Izands was the person running around, phoning here, phoning there, arranging this, arranging that. I don’t know half the things she organized on the day- but I know it was not little.

All I know, she is an absolute angel! She us fun to work with, she keeps you calm and she is just a feast. She really goes far more that the extra mile,

Izands, once again thank you. Thank you for being you and thank you for what you love doing, the best. We will het married every month, but only if we can keep you!

So much love and blessings

Marianne & Elandre


VENUE: Molenvliet Wine Estate 
STAFFING: Shake + Serve
MAKE-UP: Lisa Brown
DECOR : N concepts & Designs & A create
FLOWERS: Paramithi
PRE DRINKS ENTERTAINMENT: Firetribe | Studio Woo | Afrodizzy Acts
DJ: OCS- DJ Cesna

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