Mia & Andre



Mia and Andre… WOW what a couple!! Mia was the most amazing chilled bride & Andre a dashing groom, but not just going on looks– what a nice couple, and their love for their dogs even was displayed on their wedding cake, cutest cake toppers I have seen in a while. The day was absolutely perfect! It was my 1st wedding at Hidden Valley and hopefully there’s loads more to come!!! Also my 1st with a very talented photographer, Nicola Bester — if you are looking for a brilliant photographer look no further, I mean just look at these amazing images!


I never dreamt about my wedding day as most brides does. I was thinking of going more “rogue” with the whole idea, but Izandi turned the day I was not dreaming about into my dreamday!

Izandi is a faboulous wedding planner and such a natural at it. She is also fun to be around and I now consider her a friend!

Thank you Izandi!


Venue: Hidden Valley
Photographer: Nicola Bester
Videographer: Latsky Media
Flowers & Decor: Nconcepts & Designs
Music & Entertainment: Dj Chopper
Hair & make-up : Marli Basson

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